Are you in need of a virtual assistant?

If you are an investor, and you have a lot of properties to monitor, but you have very little time to get all these done, sometimes you wish there were like 3 of you handling all the work that has to be done when selling real estate. But at the same time, you don’t want to hire an employee that you will have to pay for tax on or even insurance. There is a lot of responsibilities when you have to hire an employee. There are other ways around this, though. You can hire an employee who will work full time or even part time; the best part is you will never have to deal with them calling in sick or all the drama that comes with some people.

In this article, we will go over what a virtual assistant can do for you and your business.

Virtual assistants

2They are individuals who live in another country. Most of them work from home. All they need to have is a stable Internet and a laptop. What they do is apply for the agency that will train them in all different types of work that they will be hired for. They will sit in a class room setting and be trained until they get a good score. The requirements are that they have graduated from school and can read and write English and of course, speak it as well.


All you will have to do is put in a request for, let’s say a real estate virtual assistant. The agency will then introduce one of their employees who has been trained in all that pertains to that type of work. You will never get to see the person working with you. You will be able to talk by email. If you have any problems, you will get ahold of the agency, and they will handle it from there. You will not pay the employee. You will pay the agency, and they will handle her or his pay. The best part is you won’t pay any more than seven dollars an hour.

The work they can perform

3They can answer all your phone calls and your emails. If you hired them for real estate, then they can help sell your property and advertise for you. They will contact any one that you need to get a hold of, set meetings, and just about anything you need for your business.

If you or a friend is in need of help, then click here and put in your request for a virtual assistant.